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July 2015 Archives

The scope and impact of traumatic amputation injuries

The partial or total loss of a limb creates an instant disability. The majority of amputations performed in Illinois and across the U.S. are due to complications of vascular disease. The remaining losses are traumatic amputations caused by workplace, home or auto accidents.

Do I have to wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle?

DuPage County residents make personal decisions about the safety gear they wear while riding bicycles or motorcycles. Illinois is one of just three states with no universal or partial law requiring bicyclists or motorcyclists of any age to wear helmets. The lack of helmet laws supports a rider's freedom to choose, but the position is not without criticism.

The use of drugged driving evidence in Illinois courts

The driving ability of DuPage County drivers can be compromised by a number of factors, including fatigue, emotions, distractions, health problems and illegal substances. Impairment is often associated with drunk driving, but the ability to drive also can be influenced by the use of drugs, alone or in combination with alcohol.

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