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April 2015 Archives

Negligence on the road may only take seconds

A new study suggests that drivers in Illinois and across the U.S. could increase the risk of causing an accident by looking away from the road for just two seconds. The report suggests that such a brief diversion can negatively impact performance and compromise roadway safety.

Accident near Burr Ridge on I-55 kills motorcyclist

Illinois State Police have stated that on the evening of Friday, April 17, a male motorcyclist was killed in a car accident near the west side of suburban Burr Ridge, Illinois, on Interstate 55. The accident involved two vehicles and one motorcycle. The motorcyclist was killed while one driver was taken to the hospital with injuries.

Epidemic of illegal street racing

Illegal street racing has become more frequent in Illinois and around the country. Fatalities and injuries from racing on highways and other public streets have risen in recent years. Being caught just watching an illegal street race can be considered aiding and abetting this dangerous activity. There are tracks dedicated to legal car racing. These are a much safer alternative to the dangers and stiff penalties for illegal racing.

Construction workers die in accident involving mast climber

Illinois residents might be interested to learn about a fatal accident involving construction workers that took place in North Carolina on March 24. While they were working on the Charter Square building in downtown Raleigh, three workers fell to their deaths and a fourth worker was seriously injured. All of the men who were involved in the accident were Hispanic, and they ranged in age from 33 to 53.

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