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Dangerous Illinois truck accidents are often preventable

Drivers need to be aware of the unique risks posed by semi-trucks and other large commercial vehicles. While truck drivers should be vigilant in order to safely operate their oversized vehicles, other drivers should also take extra care when driving in their vicinity.

Although most truck drivers rely on a combination of skill and patience in order to get to their destinations safely, certain characteristics of the commercial business may cause drivers to lose focus on safety matters and likely contribute to accidents. In addition to inadequate training provided to some drivers, unrealistic expectations set by trucking companies, which encourage drivers to value speed and efficiency over safety concerns, can lead to unnecessary accidents.

The majority of collisions involving a semi-truck or other large vehicles are caused by the driver of a passenger vehicle. Illinois drivers can work to prevent these types of accidents by being aware of the dangers involved with driving near a large truck. Many accidents occur when a passenger vehicle remains beside or behind a truck in areas where the truck driver has zero or limited visibility. Accidents also commonly occur due to improper merging, failure to signal prior to and during a lane change, driving on the right side of a truck that is making a right turn and driving between two large vehicles.

In a situation in which an individual is involved in an accident with a commercial truck, a legal professional experienced in truck accident law may be able to provide relevant counsel to the individual or their loved ones. If the individual is injured, a lawyer might be able to file a claim on their behalf in order to assist with receiving reimbursement for reparations required by the vehicle, medical expenses, lost wages and other damages.

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