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February 2015 Archives

Worker crushed to death after getting stuck in the snow

A worker in Illinois was killed on Feb. 13 after he was crushed between a tractor and a container. The 22-year-old man had been working for CenterPoint Intermodal Centers in Joliet when he died. Following the fatal accident, representatives of the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration began an investigation to look into the causes.

An overview of motorcycle crashes

Illinois motorcyclists are part of a growing trend as interest in this form of transportation becomes more popular across the country. More than 8 million motorcycles were in active use in the nation during 2012. However, safety is an important concern connected with motorcycle use. A motorcyclist is much more vulnerable in an accident than an occupant of a closed automobile. Visibility is one of many major concerns related to the safety of motorcyclists.

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