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Illinois Town Shook By Fatal Crash

An Illinois town is recovering after a fatal car accident occurred in the northeast area of the city. Reports seem to lean toward alcohol, coupled with weak decision making, as a culprit behind the unfortunate ordeal. During a routine DUI round one evening, a driver who was pulled over decided to leave the scene. It was then that police returned to their car and started following the driver, who was said to be speeding.

The supposed drunk driver then proceeded to hit two cars, each heading in different directions in nearby lanes. Police reported that one of the drivers had died. It is unclear as to whether this occurred instantly at the scene or later. The other driver and passengers of the cars were taken to a hospital to be treated for non-life-threatening injuries. It was also reported that police investigated the scene for several hours.

The county's state attorney was there at the scene, yet he said it was too early to comment on potential charges. The town's sheriff is now investigating the crash site, and the local police team has helped to reconstruct the the scene. This is often accomplished to help aid investigators in gaining a clearer picture of the incident, helping to bring forth concrete conclusions of the cause, duration, and possible outcomes of the situation.

Wrongful death is an unfortunate charge, yet it is often necessary for friends or family members of the deceased. An attorney can aid these individuals in filing claims and seeking damages for their loss. An attorney can also assist in seeking necessary compensation for mental and emotional anguish. Most lawyers can help answer any questions their clients might have about seeking damages in this type of legal situation.

Source: RRStar, "Police probe fatal crash in northeast Rockford", August 22, 2013

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