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Several new devices could increase teen driving safety

Illinois parents may soon be making use of new technologies that could in fact help keep their teenagers safe behind the wheel. Statistics show that car accidents are the leading cause of death for teenagers, and fortunately, new devices may help reduce this statistic. Any mother or father who dreads having their child behind the wheel on their own may now have less to worry about.

One such new device is the Drivecam, which works much like a police dashboard camera, but the device only starts recording when a driver has engaged in unsafe driving maneuvers. When this occurs, the video starts recording, and the Drivecam company informs the teen's parents of what happened. In addition, technology dubbed "Geofencing" alerts parents when their teen exceeds a certain speed or travels outside of a designated area.

Both of these technologies allow parents to feel comfortable with their teen driving without actually having to be in the vehicle. When teenagers know that their improper driving behaviors are going to get noticed by their parents, they're more likely to drive safely. The experts who make these devices recommend informing teens about the device and speculate that this new technology may go a long way towards improving their safety when behind the wheel.

Unfortunately, car accidents are not an uncommon occurrence amongst teenagers. New technologies are coming out to ensure teen safety, but there's no doubt that some accidents are going to be unavoidable. When these accidents do occur, a personal injury or wrongful death attorney might be beneficial in recovering compensation for damages experienced in the accident. Such compensation may help victims cover their medical expenses as well as any lost wages due to missed work.

Source: CBS New York, "Seen at 11: New technology could help teens stay safe behind the wheel," April 4, 2013

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