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April 2013 Archives

Fatal truck crash shuts parts of Interstate 80 in Illinois

Police in Joliet report that two semitrucks crashed on Interstate 80 at Houbolt Road. Illinois state police say that a truck-tractor that was hauling a trailer on the ramp from Houbolt Road west onto Interstate 80 was hit by another semitruck that was traveling west on Interstate 80. One of the people inside one of the trucks died. Two other people involved in the semitruck accident were treated and then released. The left and right lanes on westbound Interstate 80 at Houbolt Road had to remain closed until the following morning for investigation and cleanup purposes. The westbound traffic was detoured to Larkin Avenue. 

Several new devices could increase teen driving safety

Illinois parents may soon be making use of new technologies that could in fact help keep their teenagers safe behind the wheel. Statistics show that car accidents are the leading cause of death for teenagers, and fortunately, new devices may help reduce this statistic. Any mother or father who dreads having their child behind the wheel on their own may now have less to worry about. One such new device is the Drivecam, which works much like a police dashboard camera, but the device only starts recording when a driver has engaged in unsafe driving maneuvers. When this occurs, the video starts recording, and the Drivecam company informs the teen's parents of what happened. In addition, technology dubbed "Geofencing" alerts parents when their teen exceeds a certain speed or travels outside of a designated area.

IL man convicted of aggravated DUI that resulted in one death

An Illinois man has been convicted on four charges ranging from disorderly conduct to aggravated DUI. The bench trial lasted for four days. His next court appearance, on April 22, is a pre-sentencing hearing, and he could find himself in prison for a maximum of 29 years.According to authorities, the motor vehicle accident started with road rage on June 13, 2012. The man got angry with a teenage driver and began driving erratically and following her car. He decided to make a left turn, which resulted in him driving into oncoming traffic.

No mention of Illinois officer DUI at council meeting

A member of the North Chicago Police Department was charged with reckless homicide and aggravated DUI in Chicago after an accident that killed two college students. The officer was placed on administrative leave as soon as the North Chicago department was notified that he was in custody of the Chicago police. However, nothing was said about this motor vehicle accident at the most recent City Council meeting. The main topics on the agenda were the high school winning basketball team, discussion of purchasing police cars and honoring a police dog.This North Chicago Police Dept. has had many difficulties over the past few years with wrongful death lawsuits and allegations of misconduct by police officers. There have also been allegations of racism and use of unreasonable force in arrests. These problems may have been what caused people attending this meeting to speak up about the incident during the public forum and wonder about the possible liability of the city.

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