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January 2013 Archives

Wrongful death alleged in Illinois chemical burn suit

The relatives of a Cook County man filed a wrongful death suit last year against the company where he was temporarily employed. According to their claim, the company was negligent in failing to prevent an accident that resulted in fatal burns over much of the man's body.

NHTSA working on new regulations, including bus seat belts

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recently announced plans to finalize several key safety regulations in 2013. One that is garnering widespread attention is a requirement that all new commercial buses be fitted with seat belts.

1 in 24 motorists have driven drowsy, report shows

When one thinks of traffic safety hazards, impaired driving, speeding and distracted driving tend to come to mind. Drowsy driving is often overlooked but that doesn't make it less dangerous. Research shows that missing four hours of sleep can impair driving as much as a six-pack of beer.

New Illinois laws address distracted driving, speeding

On the first day of the new year about 150 new laws went into effect in Illinois. They cover issues ranging from taxes for strip clubs to criminal penalties and restrictions for sex offenders. Several new laws focus on road safety and may help prevent serious motor vehicle accidents in 2013.

Injury underreporting a major issue in construction safety

The Center for Construction Research and Training recently released a study that shows a disturbing trend among construction workers. Construction-related injuries appear to be significantly underreported, which means our understanding of construction risks and hazards could be incomplete.

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