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Black boxes may bring new wealth of accident evidence

When one hears the term "black box," thoughts of planes and crash investigations usually first arise. The small but near-indestructible boxes have aided investigators for decades in the work of reconstructing events both in and out of the cockpit that attributed to aviation accidents.

Noting the devices' utility, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration earlier this month announced their intent to see black boxes installed in all new cars and light trucks beginning in 2013. The measure has the potential to offer accident victims and their families, both in Illinois and across the nation, a wealth of new evidence options in the event of a collision.

Able to measure vehicle information including speed, brake use, throttle, and even seat belt application, black boxes may a critical part of all personal injury and wrongful death suits in the future. With the objective, secure information preserved by the boxes even in the worst of crashes, victims and/or their families will be able to present clear and compelling evidence of another driver's reckless, ignorant, or intoxicated behavior behind the wheel and its often deadly result.

Despite some voiced misgivings by the ACLU on account of potential privacy invasion, the NHTSA has received support for automotive black boxes by the White House itself and has had a proposal reviewed by the capitol's Office of Management and Budget. Signs point to new regulations being enacted early on in the New Year.

Although the information boon that black boxes will bring to wrongful death cases will likely result in many more restitution and damages victories, the underlying importance of an attorney's expertise and litigation skills cannot be underestimated. Contacting one as quickly as possible in the event of a deadly car or truck accident is the best decision a family can make, and will begin the process of building a successful case.

Source: AOL Autos, "Black Boxes Could Soon Help Solve Car Accidents," Dec. 10, 2012

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