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Do not look away from hazards on a motorcycle

Riding a motorcycle may be the closest thing that the average person can get to flying a fighter jet. That's why it's so important to consider a piece of advice that one experienced pilot gave. He said that what set the experienced pilots apart from the new pilots is that those with less time in the cockpit tended to "look away at the wrong time."

His point was that they made simple errors that put them in danger. This caused them to lose in mock air battles.

The deadliest time to be on the road

Serious car accidents happen around the clock. There is nothing that anyone can do to guarantee that they will not get involved in such a crash.

That said, statistics can tell us when the risk is highest. One way to look at it is by seeing when the most fatal accidents tend to happen. This shows you what times you want to avoid driving if at all possible.

After deadly wrong-way crash, man faces charges

A man from Chicago is facing very serious charges for aggravated driving under the influence (DUI) after he was involved in a deadly crash.

According to reports, the 25-year-old man was headed down Illinois Route 83. He began driving the wrong direction into the oncoming lanes while going through Clarendon Hills. As a result, his car slammed head-on into another car with four people inside. Two of them died in the accident. The allegedly intoxicated driver survived.

Pedestrian deaths climb to highest levels in nearly 30 years

The number of pedestrians killed along American roadways is at its highest level since 1990. That’s the conclusion of a report from the Governor’s Highway Safety Association (GHSA). The group estimates 6,227 pedestrians were killed in 2018, which is 250 more than the year before.

Illinois ranks ninth in the U.S. with 80 pedestrian deaths in 2018, 13 more than in 2017, representing a 19% increase and making it one of 25 states seeing an increase. Meantime, 23 states saw a decline in pedestrian deaths, while two remained the same.

Why do motorcyclists really wear leather?

Is leather just a part of the culture that motorcycle riders embrace? Do they all seem to wear black leather jackets and pants because they want to fit in or because it's a common style choice?

Not really. Yes, it is an important part of motorcycle style, but it's not just about how they look on the bike. They wear leather because it keeps them safe.

Reasons why night driving is so dangerous

Have you heard that night driving is incredibly dangerous? There are fewer cars on the road, but the percentage of those cars that get involved in fatal accidents goes up. If you have to drive after dark, this is something that you must take into account.

Why is the night so dangerous? Lack of visibility is a clear issue, and it's the reason that many young drivers have special after-dark practice hours. It just takes time to get used to driving safely when you can't see as well. You need faster reaction times, you need to be more alert and you have to avoid distractions.

Teen charged after deadly impaired driving accident

A 19-year-old man in Illinois was involved in a car accident that turned out to be fatal to an unborn baby. Now, the man has now been accused of driving under the influence of marijuana and has been arrested.

The crash happened in Mascoutah back on May 4, but the man is just now facing charges. Police say that the man was supposed to come to a stop at a sign at the intersection between Brickyard Road and Jefferson Road, but he failed to do so. As he apparently ran the stop sign, he slammed into a second vehicle with two occupants. Both cars flipped and went off of the road.

Trucks use driver cameras to catch fatigue

If you ask any expert about the main risks facing truck drivers, they'll tell you that driver fatigue is a real issue. Drivers get tired on the job, just like any other workers, but if they have slow response times or fall asleep at the wheel, other motorists can suffer serious injuries. Many truck accidents are fatal. It's a huge issue, and there are regulations about hours and time off that drivers have to follow in hopes that they'll get enough sleep.

That's not always enough. There is no way to regulate actual hours of sleep, after all, and some drivers may even falsify logs to skirt the rules.

Do funerals have to be expensive?

You lose a loved one in a workplace accident. You get the call from the authorities, or someone shows up at your door, and it's already too late. It happened so fast.

This is incredibly jarring on many levels. Emotionally, you feel lost. Mentally, it's hard to wrap your head around the sudden change. Financially, you do not know how you're going to make ends meet.

Diverging diamonds might save lives on Chicagoland roadways

Two new examples of a new type of interchange, or meeting to two major roadways, are now under construction in the Chicago area. Drivers are often confused and concerned when they first hear about the interchange idea, invented only in 2000 for a student term paper. Still, the design has quickly caught on among urban planners and highway engineers.

Advocates say the “diverging diamond interchange” (DDI) has gotten mostly good reviews where the design has gone into service. It’s said to reduce traffic accidents significantly in addition to being less expensive to build and leaving a smaller footprint on the land.

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