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How you may feel after losing a loved one in a work accident

Workplace accidents, unfortunately, take thousands of lives every year. Some of these lives are lost in high-risk occupations, like construction. Others are lost in "safe" occupations where that type of accident was never expected. No matter how it happens, though, it's very jarring and shocking to the family members who are left behind. While we all may understand that death does happen and there are risks, there is no real way to fully prepare for that change in advance.

The key, then, is to understand how to react and how you may feel. Mental health experts note that you could experience the following:

  • Denial
  • Anger
  • Sorrow
  • Disbelief
  • Confusion
  • Guilt
  • Despair
  • Yearning
  • Shock
  • Depression

How fast does your BAC drop?

You go out for drinks with your friends. As everyone leaves, you decide you want to drive home. However, the breath test that you carry around on your keys tells you that you're over the legal limit. How fast will your blood alcohol concentration drop so that you can drive?

While many different factors influence how much alcohol it takes to make you feel drunk, the rate of decrease for your BAC is probably identical to everyone else you know. It's very standard across all sample groups, with no regard to things like race or gender or age. That rate clocks in at a decrease of 0.015% every hour.

Stress impairs decision-making and leads to more risks

A driver runs a stop sign and hits your car. Both vehicles come to a halt; with your head ringing, you look at the other driver through the cracked windshield. They look at you for a second, throw their car into gear and speed away.

The police catch them a short time later, but you can't help wondering why they decided to commit a hit-and-run. You suffered serious injuries. If they stayed at the scene and called 911, they could have helped you. Instead, they ran from the scene, and you lost crucial minutes until someone else stumbled upon the accident and made the call. Why would they do that to you?

Drunk driving accidents when drivers fall asleep

In many cases, drunk drivers who cause accidents are fully awake for those crashes. They may be confused, they may not be operating at an optimal mental state, and they may not remember the crash the next day, but they are awake when it happens.

In other cases, though, they actually cause accidents because they fall asleep behind the wheel. Alcohol is a depressant, after all, which means it slows your mind and body down. The National Sleep Foundation actually claims that about 1 out of every 5 Americans uses alcohol as a deliberate sleep aid. When they can't sleep, they drink to make it easier.

Deadly Effingham crash results in charges against truck driver

Interstates and other highways cross Illinois from the Mississippi River to the the border with Indiana. As a result, thousands of tractor-trailers and other heavy vehicles are on our roads at any given time. Although truck driving takes a lot of training and experience, no one is infallible, and accidents involving trucks have the potential to be very destructive.

Illinois State Police are investigating a deadly crash near Effingham, which is about 200 miles southwest of Chicago. It claimed the lives of three people. Investigators say that the 59-year-old truck driver from Michigan failed to slow down in time to avoid plowing into a construction zone on the eastbound side of Interstate 70.

Simple driving errors cause accidents

A car accident often happens because of a single seemingly minor mistake. It's not as if every driver is recklessly, intentionally breaking the law when they cause a crash. Minor details that people often overlook can put themselves and others in the hospital.

To help illustrate how this happens, here are a few common errors that many people make on a daily basis:

  • Trying to use mirrors that they never adjusted or checked.
  • Talking on the phone or sending text messages.
  • Not turning off the high beams for oncoming traffic.
  • Not using their turn signals when changing lanes.
  • Not adjusting the seat to a safe and comfortable position before driving.
  • Speeding up to try to make it through an intersection when the light turns yellow, as many of these drivers just end up running the red at a high rate of speed.
  • Not turning on their headlights or just using the running lights when full headlights are needed.
  • Merging into another lane separated by a solid white line.
  • Stopping too aggressively or too suddenly.
  • Driving in the passing lane as if it is the driving lane, even when going slower than the other traffic around them. This causes congestion and forces the other drivers to pass on the right, which is not what the roads were designed for.

Deadly accident linked to speed and alcohol

A deadly holiday car crash in Waukegan is still being investigated, but early reports indicate that the police regard the main contributing factors in the crash to be excessive speed and alcohol use.

The wreck happened on the evening of Thursday, July 4. Two men were headed east on North Bonnie Brook Lane at what investigators have called "a high rate of speed." As they did, their Ford Fusion went out of control, left the road, and slammed into a tree.

Drivers now facing stiff penalties for texting behind the wheel

As of July 1, Illinois law became a lot tougher on drivers using a mobile phone behind the wheel. In an effort to curb distracted driving, especially texting while driving, lawmakers have banned using a mobile device while driving. Having a phone in your hand will lead to a moving violation ticket and $75 fine for a first-time offense. It also will go on your driving record.

Second-time offenses will lead to increased fines, maxing at $150. With three violations in a year, drivers may have their licenses suspended.

A funeral could cost $15,000 in 2019

Funerals often cost far more than many people assume. This puts a lot of stress on the family. Not only do they have to deal with the emotional issues surrounding the death of a loved one, but they also have serious financial issues that demand their attention.

In 2019, some experts estimate that a funeral could cost around $15,000 on average. It could be lower -- there are ways to trim costs -- but it could also exceed that in some situations. Needless to say, when you're discussing the same amount of money you may pay for a brand new car, it's significant.

Low motorcyclist numbers make them more dangerous

Even in the summer, you don't have to watch traffic for long to see that motorcycles are far less common than cars, trucks and other passenger vehicles. The reality is that most people do not ride motorcycles.

Unfortunately, this can make the roads more dangerous for those who do. People who don't ride motorcycles get used to looking for other vehicles that are similar to their own. As some have put it, bikes don't register on "their personal radar screens."

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