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Motorcyclists: Never trust other drivers

When you're on your motorcycle, one of the biggest mistakes you can make is simply to trust that other drivers are not going to make mistakes. You cannot do it. If you put that trust in a driver who does make a critical error, it is likely you who is going to pay the price.

For instance, maybe you have the right of way as you head down a two-lane road and an oncoming driver slows down to turn left. They're supposed to wait for traffic to pass through before turning. That means they wait for you, and you don't have to worry.

What to do after being involved in a car crash?

It can be terrifying to be in a car crash, and sometimes the stress of the moment can leave you wondering what you should do next. By nature, car crashes are usually unexpected. However, you can prepare for the possibility of a crash by making sure you know what actions you should take immediately following the incident.

While safety should be your immediate concern, there are several actions you can take to help preserve accurate details about what happened. These details can help put you in a better position during the insurance claim process or any personal injury case that results from the incident.

Teen gives haunting account of deadly crash

When he was 16 years old, a boy in Illinois was involved in a car accident that left him with significant injuries. His 15-year-old brother was also in the car. Tragically, his brother passed away from his injuries.

The driver who caused the accident is a 36-year-old woman. She is accused of driving under the influence while causing the fatal accident. Her case is now going to court, and the young man who survived gave a chilling account of what happened on that fateful night.

Car accidents make Illinois a dangerous state

You have probably heard people throw around rough statistics about car accidents, such as saying that around 30,000 people die every year. Maybe they've talked about how the general trend is a reduction in accidents, though the last few years have seen an increase.

You live in Illinois, though. You're not as worried about the national statistics as you are with the local ones. Is Illinois one of the safer states, or are you facing some serious risks?

Should you report a drunk driver?

You're at a family gathering, enjoying a few drinks, when your uncle says he's going to get in the car and drive home. Or, maybe you're driving down the interstate when you see a driver swerving all over the road, slowing down for no reason, and generally driving like they're impaired.

Should you report them? What is your role in all of this?

The incredible danger in parking lots and garages

When you get behind the wheel, where do you feel safest, on the freeway or in a parking lot? While highway speeds make many drivers nervous, they never think twice about driving through the lot at the grocery store. It seems like they'd never get into an accident in such a controlled setting. They're safe.

Not so fast. The statistics show that there is a far greater level of danger in a parking lot or a parking garage than you may realize. Annually, about 60,000 people suffer injuries in car accidents in these areas, and 500 people even lose their lives.

Tips for avoiding motorcycle accidents this spring

Spring is notoriously a dangerous time for motorcycle riders. More people are getting back out on the roads, and many drivers have simply forgotten what it's like to drive around motorcycles. The winter made them complacent. They're not ready for bikes to be out on the roads in such numbers, they forget to keep an eye out for them, and they cause accidents.

What can you do to avoid these crashes? Nothing guarantees you won't get hit by a negligent driver, but these tips can help:

  • Remember that drivers on multilane roads often merge without using their blinkers and without checking their blind spots. If you're riding next to and slightly behind a car, watch out for the first indication that the driver is starting to change lanes. Better yet, don't ride in the blind spot at all.
  • Watch out for drivers who are poised to make a left turn farther ahead on the road. They come from the oncoming lane and cross your lane as they turn. If you see a driver waiting with a blinker on, be wary and remember that they may not see your bike.
  • Keep your eyes on the mirror when you stop at a red light. A lot of accidents happen when the car behind you doesn't stop in time and smashes into the back of your bike.
  • Only ride with people you trust. It's not just drivers who make mistakes. Other riders could also put you at risk.

Is rushing taking lives?

In modern American culture, we often feel like we have to rush constantly. We rush in school to get a paper done on time. We rush at work to meet a deadline for a project. We rush through the store because we need to get home to our families.

Rushing is certainly stressful, and it can have a negative impact on your life as a result. But is it actually taking lives?

Signs you are more than buzzed and you shouldn't drive

When someone gets arrested for drunk driving or causes an accident while intoxicated, you often hear the same refrain: They thought they were sober enough to drive. They thought it would be safe. They did not realize they were that drunk.

The problem with alcohol is that it makes it harder to properly analyze things like how intoxicated you are. So, the more you drink, the harder it gets to make a good judgment call about when you're no longer a safe driver. Someone who only had one beer and is still under the legal limit may actually worry more about it than someone who had six beers and is well over that limit.

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