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Motorcycle safety classes are available to Illinois residents

Illinois is often best seen from behind handlebars. From the shores of Lake Michigan to the lower Mississippi River Valley, the Land of Lincoln hosts thousands of motorcyclists, bicyclists and other who prefer two wheels over four.

Traffic delays and a lack of excitement are never an issue for bikers. Safety is often the primary concern for people on motorcycles. Bikes are more difficult to see than most other vehicles, especially at dawn or dusk, and even a minor collision can result in serious injury, permanent disability or even death to a motorcycle driver or passenger.

Illinois road claims new victim, brings community together

Although drivers are always working to keep the roads safe, some roads in Illinois are safer than others. Areas that lend themselves to careless, negligent or distracted driving can be the site of serious crashes, causing severe damage and injury to cars, their drivers and passengers.

A community is coming together around a stretch of dangerous road that has claimed lives and continues to pose a danger to those who travel it. A dump truck recently struck a sport utility vehicle on a section of State Route 3 near Veterans Parkway in Columbia. The driver was killed and six of the victim's children were injured, two critically.

What Wheaton is doing to combat a rise in pedestrian accidents

It's a dangerous time to be a pedestrian. According to a new report from the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA), an estimated 6,000 pedestrians were killed in 2017. That number has remained unchanged since 2016, and represents an increase of 27 percent over the last decade. In fact, such a high level of accidents has not been seen in the U.S. nationally for over 25 years.

As the weather warms up and people head back outside, these statistics create a stark picture of why everyone - drivers, motorcyclists, bicyclists and pedestrians - needs to take road-sharing seriously.

High school student killed in Bloomington accident

Safety is the most important part of driving in Illinois and elsewhere in the United States. From Chicago's shores on Lake Michigan to the piedmont on the Mississippi River, the roads are generally safe because car and truck drivers pay attention to the road.

Cellphone use while driving is a leading cause of accidents. The Illinois State Police claims that using a cellphone behind the wheel can increase chances of a motor vehicle accident by 400 percent. One in 10 car crashes likely involved a cellphone.

Illinois caseworker's death causes legal review

Workplaces must always be safe to keep people at their posts, companies working and government services running. Accidents can happen in nearly any environment, and employers owe it to their workers to do what they can to guarantee safety.

Some jobs are more prone to serious workplace injuries or fatalities, such as law enforcement and some types of construction. If criminal or negligent actions led directly to a worker's death, the survivors of the victim may consider filing a wrongful death suit through a qualified legal representative.

Possible DUI accident kills 10-year-old girl

It takes the best efforts of every driver in Illinois to keep the roads safe. State law protects drivers and passengers alike with traffic laws and regulations, and even minor violations can lead to a collision.

Failing to stop at a stop sign or red light can cause accidents when cars collide in intersections, and negligence while using a cellphone may be a factor in all sorts of traffic problems. Many collisions are small fender benders with no significant damage, but high-speed collisions can cause serious injury or death.

Vigilance is vital in avoiding motorcycle accidents

From the heartland of the Mississippi River Valley to the coast of Lake Michigan, Illinois is often best enjoyed from behind handlebars. Thousands of people in the Land of Lincoln use motorcycles to get to work, run errands or simply enjoy the landscape with that perfect feeling of freedom.

Biking comes with its share of hazards beyond driving a car or truck, and motorcycle drivers and riders have to take extra care to avoid damage, serious injury or even death in a collision. Some safety points, such as wearing an approved helmet while on the road, are common sense while other pointers are beyond the basics of braking and swerving.

Volunteer fire truck driver cited in Illinois accident

The economy of Illinois would be nowhere without trucks, buses and other heavy vehicles. People go to work on mass transit, buy food brought by tractor-trailers and ship gifts to each other and out of state with delivery vans.

Trucks can also cause dangerous conditions, especially when they are driven by distracted drivers or in hazardous weather. This is why the Land of Lincoln restricts the use of cellphones and handheld radios while people are driving, as well as enforcing tight maintenance on commercial vehicles.

Illinois woman hurt after passing accident

Outside the tight quarters of inner-city Chicago and a few other cities across the state, driving is king in Illinois. There is no easier or more reliable to get around for work, errands or pleasure in the Land of Lincoln than driving your own car.

Although the roads are generally safe, hazard still exist and smart drivers defend themselves and their passengers against them. Times of low visibility, such as dusk or during heavy rain or snow, increase the risk of a collision that could result in serious injury, permanent disability or even death.

Aurora woman killed in collision with Pace bus

Illinois roads can be slick during the winter months. While drivers may exercise as much caution as possible, the risk of losing traction is ever-present. Loss of control due to excessive speeds, failure to recognize icy conditions or simply human error can lead to accidents, which can sadly be fatal.

One such incident recently befell an Aurora woman, unfortunately claiming her life. The 41-year-old was driving a Mercury Mountaineer, heading northbound on Route 31 when she lost control of the vehicle. The woman careened into the southbound traffic lane, where she was then struck by a Pace bus, pushing her back into the northbound lane before then colliding with two additional cars.

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