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Illinois woman hurt after passing accident

Outside the tight quarters of inner-city Chicago and a few other cities across the state, driving is king in Illinois. There is no easier or more reliable to get around for work, errands or pleasure in the Land of Lincoln than driving your own car.

Although the roads are generally safe, hazard still exist and smart drivers defend themselves and their passengers against them. Times of low visibility, such as dusk or during heavy rain or snow, increase the risk of a collision that could result in serious injury, permanent disability or even death.

Aurora woman killed in collision with Pace bus

Illinois roads can be slick during the winter months. While drivers may exercise as much caution as possible, the risk of losing traction is ever-present. Loss of control due to excessive speeds, failure to recognize icy conditions or simply human error can lead to accidents, which can sadly be fatal.

One such incident recently befell an Aurora woman, unfortunately claiming her life. The 41-year-old was driving a Mercury Mountaineer, heading northbound on Route 31 when she lost control of the vehicle. The woman careened into the southbound traffic lane, where she was then struck by a Pace bus, pushing her back into the northbound lane before then colliding with two additional cars.

Highway worker killed on the job in Illinois

Workplaces need to be safe for work to get done and workers to feel secure when they show up for shifts. From construction projects in Chicago to farms in the Mississippi River Valley, Illinois hosts a wide variety of jobs that require different safety requirements.

One of the most dangerous careers is highway maintenance, which combines heavy machinery with outdoor workspaces that cars and truck are often speeding through. Highway patrol officers and toll collectors also often share these dangers.

Driver may have been drunk in fatal Illinois accident

Car accidents happen all the time, and most are fortunately small incidents like fender benders that cause minimal damage and no injuries. Most serious crashes are avoidable with careful attention paid to the road and other drivers.

The importance of avoiding the use of cellphones and electronic devices cannot be understated to maintain safety, and Illinois law regulates distracted driving to this end. One of the most serious offenses on the road is driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, which can combine high-speed driving with the inability to make good decisions.

Fatal Illinois crash may have been caused by drunk driving

It takes cautious and attentive drivers to keep Illinois' roads safe for those on and around them. This is why Illinois state law regulates excessive speed, the use of distracting devices such as cellphones and other hazards to road safety.

One of the most dangerous and potentially damaging violations is driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Drunk driving puts everybody at risk and must be avoided at all times.

Woman killed in Illinois truck accident

The roads of Illinois are generally safe, although poor weather is one of many risk factors that can make them more hazardous. Snow and ice on road surfaces, as well as distracted driving and cell phone use while behind the wheel, increase the chances of a collision.

Tractor-trailers and other large trucks, especially at high speeds, are more likely to create disastrous consequences if they are involved in motor vehicle accidents. The mass and low maneuverability of tractor-trailers can cause serious damage, injury, disability or death if drivers lose control or fail to drive responsibility around other vehicles.

DuPage County crash possibly involving drugs killed motorcyclist

The roads of Illinois are generally safe to motorists and pedestrians alike, and driving is one of the best ways to get around the state from the streets of Chicago to the piedmont of the Mississippi River Valley. Accidents can occasionally happen, and the only thing drivers can do is minimize possible dangers.

Hazards that can affect safe road conditions include careless drivers or those paying attention to electronic devices such as cellphones instead of the roads. One of the most dangerous conditions, however, is driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Illinois driver arrested for DUI and cellphone use

Cars and trucks are an indelible part of life in Illinois. The Land of Lincoln and other Midwestern states offer several mass transit options, but nothing beats the usefulness and independence of one's own vehicle on the many roads and highways of the widespread state.

Safety is the most important factor in driving, as well as all other forms of transportation. Operators of all motor vehicles must remain focused on the road without getting distracted from the road by cellphones or other electronic devices. Even a momentary glance off the road could lead to a collision, serious injury or even death.

Illinois man charged with DUI after fatal collision

From the streets of Chicago to the rolling hills near Carbondale, driving is the most popular way to travel through and around Illinois. Although the roads of the Land of Lincoln are generally safe, there are too many hazards to entirely avoid collisions and other accidents.

Certain dangers are more likely to cause serious injury, such as high-speed collisions or failure to stop at stop signs. One of the worst hazards on the roads is the rare occurrence of a driver operating a car or truck under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Illinois woman killed in massive truck accident

The Midwest may have been settled by pioneers and built on trains, but trucking is king in the 21st century. Nearly all food, clothing and goods are delivered to the people of Illinois and other central states by tractor trailers and their dedicated drivers.

Professional truck driving requires extensive training and licensing, which helps keep the highways safe. However, accidents can happen when drivers are distracted or careless in their operation. The sheer weight and size of semitrucks make collisions very dangerous, possibly resulting in serious injury, permanent disability or death.

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