Health Care Worker Injuries

Health care workers, including nurses and orderlies, face special physical challenges in the courses of their jobs. Serious injuries can occur while lifting or turning a bedridden overweight patient, staying on one's feet all day and the repetitive stress of performing the same motion over and over.

Are you employed at a hospital, private or public clinic, or home care situation? Have the rigors of that job resulted in a serious injury that has sidelined you from your duties? Is your employer unsympathetic with what has happened to you? Are you concerned that your job may not be waiting for you after you have recovered from an injury?

We address all of these concerns, and work hard to protect you rights, at the Marquardt & Belmonte, P.C., personal injury law firm in Wheaton and greater Chicago, Illinois. You can have complete confidence in the advantages that our attorneys' 100-plus years of experience can provide.

Full-Service Team Approach To Safeguarding Your Interests After A Health Care Job Injury

We have the workers' compensation lawyers who recognize the hazards of occupational injuries and illnesses contracted by healthcare workers, including:

  • Patient handling
  • Repetitive stress
  • Needle sticks
  • Assaults in the workplace
  • Slips and falls and trips and falls
  • Worker fatigue due to understaffing

If you are currently suffering from a sprain or strain, slipped disc or broken bone, head injury, infection, blood-borne infectious disease or any physical impediment to your work life, we hope you will contact us for a free initial consultation. We hold employers and their insurers accountable for misfortunes that happen to you.

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