Why Hire A Personal Injury Attorney

Legal representation for an innocent victim who has been seriously injured in an accident is no do-it-yourself project — any more than repairing a malfunctioning household appliance, a broken-down motor vehicle or personal computer is.

These situations are why we have the term "tech help." These are jobs for trained professionals.

Likewise, helping an injured person or grieving family to achieve justice after a sudden, catastrophic, devastating accident is the job of experienced personal injury attorneys.

At Marquardt & Belmonte, P.C., we have extensive knowledge of the legal system, and how it can work in your favor; a distinguished reputation for obtaining positive outcomes for our clients; and a tradition of personal service that makes you feel special.

We know how to determine the value of a case. We know how to collect accident-related facts and figures that uncooperative insurers cannot deny. And best of all, we know how to get results that improve the lives of those we represent.

Accomplished Advisers And Advocates, Negotiators And Litigators In Wheaton, Illinois

Services that our experienced attorneys can deliver, that lay people cannot after a serious personal injury accident, include:

  • Re-enactment of an accident
  • In-depth investigation to identify the negligent party
  • Presenting fact-finding to that negligent person or persons' insurance company
  • Negotiating a just settlement to fairly, financially compensate you for all losses
  • Litigating in court for your goals, before judge and jury, to win maximum possible compensation that reflects every one of your post-accident hardships

Your Free Initial Consultation With Marquardt & Belmonte, P.C.

The decision to attempt to represent yourself in a personal injury claim would be unwise, today — and expensive, tomorrow. Let the professionals do the job, and do it right the first time. To schedule an important first meeting with one of our skilled lawyers, where your legal issues would be discussed in the strictest of confidence, please contact us. We can meet with you at your home or hospital room if your medical condition prevents travel.

Call our Wheaton law offices at 630-517-3279, or toll free throughout Illinois at 888-349-0695. You may also contact our firm online.

The contingency fee basis for our work means that you do not pay attorneys' fees unless we successfully recover compensation on your behalf.