What Makes Our Firm Different

The Marquardt & Belmonte, P.C., law firm is knowledgeable, forceful and compassionate in the protection of the rights of those who have been seriously injured in accidents, and families who have lost loved ones in cases of wrongful death.

Our clients do not get lost in the shuffle while their cases are adjudicated. You never become a mere case number to us. We work hard to smoothly guide you through every twist and turn of the justice system. The firm's efforts contribute to the kind of peace of mind that has no price tag.

Are you unable to resume work, and continue providing for your family, because of your extensive accident injuries? Are you feeling powerless to reverse your many financial setbacks? Are you desperate for legal assistance that can turn your life around?

Marquardt & Belmonte, P.C., can help. We are here for you, today and every day.

Decades Of Experience, Extensive Legal Knowledge, Exceptional Personal Service Set Us Apart

Our skillful Illinois personal injury lawyers provide a team effort on your behalf — a strong voice for you throughout the legal process.

We carefully look into every detail of your accident, in order to pinpoint a negligent party and take action against them and their insurer.

We confront that insurance company with evidence of what happened to you or a loved one, in pursuit of an out-of-court settlement that you approve.

Finally, we excel at civil litigation of your claim, in the event that insurers are uncooperative. Our goal in every case we handle is to win a level of financial compensation that recovers damage for every loss you have suffered, including missing wages from time off the job, costs of health care and hospitalization, if any, and replacement of a destroyed motor vehicle.

You Have Nothing To Lose By Contacting Us. Your Initial Consultation Is Free.

If your accident injuries prevent you from coming to our Wheaton law offices, we can come to you, to get your account of what happened. We listen to you, learn from you and use the facts of your case to actively advocate for your rights — in the courtroom if necessary.

Just call 630-517-3279, or reach us by email message to arrange a confidential discussion of your legal issues. Our contingency fee policy means that you owe no attorney fees unless we win your case.