Wheaton Brain Injury Lawyer

The effects of a brain injury may not be noticeable right away. Following a motor vehicle accident or slip-and-fall, family members may notice changes in personality or forgetfulness in the accident victim. Personal injury claims that involve brain injuries are complex and require a seasoned attorney pursuing compensation for not only the immediate medical needs, but also future issues faced by a victim left with a serious injury to the brain.

Dedicated And Diligent Traumatic Brain Injury Attorneys

At Marquardt & Belmonte, P.C., we handle all aspects of brain injury claims by attending to every detail with dedication, honesty and ethics. Whether you or a family member is suffering the life-changing impact of a brain injury, we handle all aspects of catastrophic injury claims involving the following:

Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) occur when the head strikes an object without showing any external trauma to the head. The most competent medical doctors considered experts in their field may not detect the damage right away. While you and your family deal with the effects of an accident, insurance adjusters aggressively pursue fast settlements.

Handling all aspects of your case means that we deal with the insurance companies and establish strong, fact-based claims with the help of experts. You should concentrate on recovery.

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We handle all personal injury cases on a contingency basis. That means you do not pay us until we obtain compensation for you.

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