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The loss of a limb following an accident is not just a permanent and disabling injury. Many victims suffer post-traumatic stress as well. Lives are forever changed. The individual who suffered an amputation and their family members must adapt to a life filled with challenges. A life where a once-active personal life and promising career may be severely impacted, if not at an end following:

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The complexities of catastrophic injury claims involving amputations require compensation for immediate medical needs for clinical evaluations and post-surgical care. Long-term issues require attention as well. Prosthetics and medical devices have come a long way in allowing amputees to adapt to life following the loss of a limb or limbs. However, a learning curve and constant maintenance exist, creating frustration and emotional stress.

The products and medical attention are expensive and often beyond the budget of an accident victim who is not working. While no amount of money can turn back the clock, maximizing compensation can make a future more financially stable and provide the physical and emotional care you or a family member needs.

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