Product Liability Attorneys In Wheaton

Getting The Representation You Need

Did you or someone you love suffer an illness or injury due to a dangerous product? Has the illness or injury left you with medical bills or unable to work? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may be eligible to file a product liability claim.

Our experienced personal injury attorneys at the Wheaton, Illinois, law firm of Marquardt & Belmonte, P.C., have spent decades helping the people of DuPage County who suffered injuries through no fault of their own, and we can help you as well.

How Common Are Dangerous And Defective Products?

In 2014 alone, the numbers are staggering. More than 18 million pounds of meat, more than 62 million motor vehicles and nearly 850 pharmaceuticals were recalled. To put that into perspective, nearly one quarter of the U.S. population was put at risk by dangerous or defective products of only those specific products listed. Products, we, as consumers, trust as safe. These numbers are only a fraction of the total number of recalls issued by the U.S. government and product manufacturers.

Let Our Attorneys Help You

Whether your injury is the result of a defective medication, a dangerous home appliance, a motor vehicle malfunction or tainted food, you can turn to our lawyers at Marquardt & Belmonte, P.C., for help. We will carefully examine the details of your situation to determine whether you are eligible to file a product liability claim.

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