Five Steps To Take After A Slip, Trip And Fall Accident

Did you fall and injure yourself on a sidewalk or in a store? Was there water or another obstacle that caused your fall? Was the floor in disrepair or uneven? Any of these circumstances and more can cause a serious injury. If someone has caused you to slip or trip on their property, you could be entitled to compensation.

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Take These Steps Immediately

Here are five steps to take after a slip, trip and fall accident:

  1. Seek medical attention — If you were seriously injured, you should get medical help right away after your fall. Having medical records as documentation will help prove your case later on.
  2. Photograph the dangerous condition — If possible, take picture of the area where you fell. This could help in later proving that the condition of the area where you were walking was deteriorated or worn out which will help prove liability against the negligent party.
  3. Find witnesses — Did anyone witness your fall? If so, get their name and contact information. This could help prove your case if the building manager or owner tries to refute your claim.
  4. Avoid giving statements — The insurance company for the negligent party may try and get you to give a recorded statement quickly after the incident. This recording could be used against you later when you try to make a claim for your injuries. You do not have to agree to give a recorded statement, so don't let them pressure you into this.
  5. Obtain legal advice — Getting advice from an attorney who deals with personal injury claims and insurance companies will help you in the long run to obtain the compensation you deserve.

Get Legal Advice Now

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