Motor Vehicle Accident FAQs

After being in a motor vehicle accident, you are likely left with many questions as to what to do next. Stressed and unsure of whom to turn to, you are not alone in feeling this way. The dedicated and compassionate accident and injury lawyers of Marquardt & Belmonte, P.C., are here to help answer your questions during this difficult time. During your free initial consultation, we will go over the facts of your motor vehicle accident and help you take the next steps toward recovery and compensation.

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Illinois Motor Vehicle Accident FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions about motor vehicle accidents:

  1. Should I talk to the police? Yes, cooperate fully and completely with the police and state all relevant facts of the case. However, you should not admit any fault. Police statements and records can be used later as the case proceeds.
  2. The insurance companies have offered me a settlement, what now? No. Do not talk to insurance companies (except for your own in which you are legally required to report your accident but again stick to straight facts). Do not talk to any other party's insurance companies and do not settle. An attorney will represent you and negotiate or litigate on your behalf and protect your best interests. Insurance companies are really only looking out for their business's bottom line.
  3. Why do I even need a personal injury attorney? Having an experienced legal professional, who has handled hundreds of motor vehicle accident cases, will give you all the advantages you need in seeking maximum compensation. Again, other parties may have their own legal counsel — why shouldn't you? You deserve every protection possible. Having a knowledgeable and skilled legal advocate can help maximize recovery.
  4. How long will the legal process take? This very much depends on the situation. Some cases can be settled quickly if straightforward. Other motor vehicle accident claims can take months or even years, especially if the parties proceed to trial.
  5. What should I bring when I meet with my attorney? Bring all documents, pictures, videos and recording that you may have. Evidence and record-keeping is important. The more information your attorney can have the better.
  6. What if the accident was months go? You should still seek legal advice. Some injuries can progress and worsen over the months and actually become more serious. Since there are statute of limitation concerns, it is better to seek legal counsel immediately.

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