Accused Of A Traffic Violation In DuPage County? Let Us Protect Your Rights.

Wheaton Lawyers Providing Aggressive Defense Against Speeding Tickets

You may think getting a speeding ticket is no big deal. You pay the fine and forget about it. However, paying the fine means you are automatically admitting guilt. That traffic violation is on your record and if you get a few more, it could result in suspension of your driver's license, or loss of driving privileges, significant fines and increased insurance premiums.

Take care of your traffic violations the proper way. Contact a DuPage traffic violations attorney at Marquardt & Belmont, P.C., for a free consultation.

At Marquardt & Belmont, P.C., we challenge traffic violations for individuals in the Wheaton, Illinois, area. Our DuPage traffic violations attorneys have over 115 years of combined criminal defense experience. We want you to know that you have a right to contest any moving violation. We will explain all options in your case to you. Do not settle with just paying the fine.

The criminal defense attorneys at Marquardt & Belmont, P.C., handle all types of traffic violation cases and also defend more serious crimes, like DUI charges.

Traffic violations include:

  • speeding tickets
  • running a red light or stop sign
  • seatbelt violations
  • reckless driving
  • driving with a suspended or revoked license
  • driving while uninsured
  • hit and run or leaving the scene of an accident

We will aggressively fight for you. We can seek to get a charge dismissed or reduced. We argue against driver's license suspension and will work to help you get your license reinstated. We may also be able to get a misdemeanor traffic charge expunged from your record.

Former Prosecutors Defending You

All six of our firm's attorneys are former DuPage County prosecutors. Having handled criminal cases from both the prosecutorial and defense sides, our traffic violations lawyers are able to formulate solid defense strategies for our clients.

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