Wheaton Defense Attorneys Handling Orders Of Protection

Being served with a restraining order or order of protection is serious. While it does not signify an admission of guilt, an order of protection does become part of the court record. This can have an effect on many areas of your life, including employment and child custody if you are currently in court for divorce or are engaged in a child custody dispute.

Similarly, individuals who are in fear for their safety often need a restraining order to have peace of mind that the law is on their side. An order of protection adds a layer of legal security. At the law firm of Marquardt & Belmonte, P.C., in Wheaton, Illinois, we rigorously represent men and women in prosecuting and defending against order of protection disputes.

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As order of protection hearings may be associated with other legal issues, including a divorce, custody dispute or a potential domestic violence investigation, it is important that your attorney has a strong command of both civil and criminal law. Our attorneys have more than 70 years of combined experience. We are able to take a comprehensive view of each case to achieve the best possible results for clients. To arrange a free consultation with a seasoned trial lawyer, we invite you to call 630-517-3279 or toll free at 888-349-0695.

Stop An Order of Protection

The person seeking an order of protection could be making unfounded accusations of domestic violence, simply to get you removed from the house or to gain the upper hand in a child custody case. You need to attack restraining orders to protect your reputation.

Regardless of the reason for a request for an order of protection, you should not stand by and wait until the day of court. You have a right to a hearing three weeks after being served with the order. That hearing will determine whether the order of protection should be dismissed or upheld. Having an experienced defense attorney by your side is crucial in getting an order of protection dismissed. We can seek to expedite a hearing from three weeks to two days. Our restraining order defense attorneys will use their extensive experience to seek dismissal. We also defend against misdemeanor and felony domestic violence charges.

Obtaining An Order of Protection

Our attorneys can also help victims of domestic violence seek an order of protection. We understand your concerns, as all six of our firm's attorneys are former DuPage County prosecutors and have handled criminal cases from both the prosecutorial and defense sides.

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