Stalking Order Of Protection In DuPage County

An order of protection is a restraining order that protects victims of stalking, harassment, domestic violence or sexual assault. It also serves as a legal injunction for those who fear being harmed by someone prone to endangering others.

The act of following someone or putting a person under surveillance at least twice is considered stalking. While psychological issues with the stalker may require treatment and counseling, immediate steps by the victim must be taken. Upon discovering this dangerous and criminal behavior, legal representation is needed to secure a stalking no contact order (SNCO).

Wheaton Protection Order Attorneys And Former Felony Prosecutors

The attorneys at Marquardt & Belmonte, P.C., possess a thorough knowledge of Illinois state anti-stalking laws. In fact, all attorneys at the firm are former felony prosecutors. We possess insight in pursuing charges against those accused of criminal acts and use that knowledge to help stalking victims in need of court-ordered protection.

Illinois' Stalking No Contact Order Act provides stalking victims the means to secure an order of protection when they are not in domestic relationships with their stalkers. The act can also protect those dealing with cyberstalking.

An SNCO will prohibit the following:

  • Committing or threatening stalking
  • Coming within a specific distance of the victim's home, place of work, school and other locations
  • Possessing firearms or a Firearm Owner's Identification card

The SNCO also allows courts to award attorney fees if an order is granted, although the court is not under any obligation.

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