Charged With Narcotics Possession? We Can Help.

Experienced Wheaton Defense Attorneys With The Insight Of Former Prosecutors

The consequences of a first offense conviction of narcotics possession go beyond jail time and fines. With a criminal record following you, the ability to secure a job or professional licensure becomes challenging. Police officers and investigators may claim to have your best interests in mind following an arrest. However, only an experienced criminal defense attorney can protect your rights, starting with the right to remain silent.

At Marquardt & Belmonte, P.C., all six criminal defense attorneys once served as DuPage County prosecutors. That level of insight together with 115 years of combined experience is vital when your future and freedom are at stake.

We Explore Every Available Option To Protect Your Rights And Future

We attend to every detail of a criminal case involving possession of marijuana, heroin or cocaine. Our lawyers also have experience in prescription drug abuse. Clients facing criminal charges often come to us with addiction problems. We encourage them to get immediate help while we handle all aspects of their defense.

Search and seizure issues often arise in cases involving drug offenses. Police officers need a reason to detain you in a traffic stop. Searches cannot occur without your consent and warrants must be valid. Failure to follow any and all of those procedures violates your rights. Investigating all the steps prior to and following your arrest is part of the powerful defense strategies we develop for your case.

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