Aggressive Domestic Violence Defense Lawyers in Wheaton

Allegations of domestic violence are complicated matters. If you are facing domestic battery or abuse charges, the overall consequences can adversely impact your lifestyle for years to come. A conviction for family or domestic violence can affect your ability to see your children, your job and your right to own a firearm under federal law. Even for misdemeanor offenses. The real-world impact can extend far beyond the stiff fines and potential for jail or prison time on a misdemeanor or felony domestic battery offense. With the stakes so high, it is critical for you to have a seasoned trial attorney in your corner who knows how to prepare and present a compelling defense in these highly emotional situations.

Let a Team of Former Prosecutors Analyze Your Case from Every Angle

At Marquardt & Belmonte, P.C., we provide tough criminal defense for individuals charged with domestic assault. All six of our DuPage County, Illinois, domestic battery lawyers are former felony prosecutors who use their broad perspective of the criminal justice system to protect the rights of clients in the Wheaton, Illinois, area. We know how law enforcement and prosecutors build their cases.

We have extensive experience handling domestic battery cases. In striving to minimize the impact of the charge on your life, we will:

  • Thoroughly review the circumstances leading to your arrest
  • Examine all evidence against you
  • Work to stop the order of protection from being issued against you
  • Seek to get charges dropped

Many domestic abuse cases involve he said, she said disputes. We are able to analyze the evidence from every angle to find the flaws and weaknesses in the prosecution's case to obtain the most favorable outcome possible. Call 630-517-3279 now to arrange your free initial consultation.

When law enforcement responds to a domestic disturbance call, the officer is obligated to make an arrest if there is any indication of injury. Even if the person who called the police made a false accusation and does not want to press charges, the prosecutor will move forward with the case because of Illinois' no-drop policy.

Put Seven Decades of Combined Criminal Law Experience to Work for You

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