Aggressive DUI Defense In DuPage County

A DUI conviction holds serious penalties. Jail time, driver's license revocation, heavy fines and probation are all potential consequences. Additionally, a drunk driving conviction can cost you your job if a license suspension prevents you from driving to and from work, leaving you without income. For drunk driving defense, you need an experienced criminal defense lawyer.

At Marquardt & Belmonte, P.C., we challenge DUI charges for clients in Wheaton and the surrounding communities. Guided by 115 years of combined criminal law experience, our attorneys will use their knowledge and skill to achieve the best possible outcome for your unique situation.

When you are arrested for DUI, contact our office immediately. Our DUI attorneys will work to stop your driver's license suspension and strive to negotiate the charge down.

Former DUI Prosecutors Representing You

Our firm's lawyers are former DUI prosecutors. Having handled thousands of drunk driving cases from both the prosecution and defense sides, we have a thorough understanding of DUI laws. When you retain our services, we investigate all aspects of your traffic stop. Any indication that the law enforcement officer did not have probable cause to stop you or violated protocol in any way will be used in your defense.

Utilizing our vast trial experience and well-rounded perspective of the criminal justice system, we can develop a strong defense for you. When results matter, trust our highly trained legal team to fight on your behalf.

Driver's License Ramifications And Reinstatement

There are two aspects to a DUI charge: a criminal case and a civil case. As part of the civil case, there are license ramifications. Your driver's license will automatically be suspended pursuant to an administrative procedure known as summary suspension. If retaining your license is a priority for you, you must act quickly and talk to our defense team. License suspension, revocation and reinstatements are complicated issues, and it is important that you have one of our skilled lawyers handle these matters on your behalf.

We will request a hearing to challenge the summary suspension within the allowed time frame. Using our experience and skills, we will work to secure your driving privileges. Remember, you only have so many days to file a petition, so take action promptly by reaching out to our law firm.

DUI Convictions And License Revocations

Repeat offenders who are convicted face license revocation. This is where a license is completely taken away from the individual. Trying to get a license reinstated can be a frustrating and complex process. Certain requirements must be fulfilled such as a paying a reinstatement fee, attending a special hearing, re-taking and passing the license exam and undergoing drug or alcohol rehab programs. There is paperwork that must be filed as well to start this process. Our lawyers can handle license revocation matters on your behalf along with aggressively defending you against DUI charges.

To learn more about the legal aspects of DUI, please visit our drunk driving/DUI practice center page.

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