Charged With Battery? Our Wheaton Lawyers Can Help.

While "assault" implies you threatened to harm someone, "battery" indicates you actually did so. Battery occurs in various contexts, including domestic battery. But bar fights and road rage incidents are also common.

Simple battery is a violent crime. This will be on your record for employers, landlords and educational institutions to see when you apply.

While the charge may be only a misdemeanor, take it seriously. Depending on circumstances such as a weapon used, or your actual intent to do harm, the charge could amount to a felony.

Take it seriously from the start; don't make a statement to police before calling our law firm. We will advise you of all of your rights, your legal situation, and your options.

Strong Criminal Defense Against Battery Charges In DuPage County

Ideally we avoid charges being filed. If the case against you is weak, and the prosecutor is reasonable, we can negotiate successfully on your behalf. You could face penalties including fines, jail time and inconveniences you can only imagine, such as a required anger management class. We seek to reduce charges and penalties.

Finally, if you feel, after speaking with our lawyers, that a trial will yield the best outcome for you, we are quite ready and able to handle it for you. We are former felony prosecutors with a total of 115 years combined experience.

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