Three traits your personal injury attorney should have

There are three traits that people should look for when they are in search of an attorney to represent them.

An unexpected accident can happen at any time for people who live in Wheaton and here at Marquardt & Belmonte, P.C., we know that they worry about finding the right attorney to represent them and their needs. There are a lot of attorneys out there and it can be challenging to determine which attorney is going to provide exemplary service. However, there are three traits that people should make sure their attorney has and these are listening skills, communication skills and trustfulness.


One of the most important aspects in an attorney-client relationship is the ability of the attorney to listen. CBS News points out that good listening skills are not automatic - they must be learned. These skills include the ability to listen for new information, asking questions within oneself, focusing completely on the person speaking and taking notes.

For people in search of an attorney, they should watch how the attorney reacts to them. Does the attorney ask questions about particular aspects of the car accident? Is the attorney jotting down notes? Is the attorney multi-tasking while listening to them? Does the attorney show genuine empathy for their difficult situation? If the attorney is interrupting the client or checking on other matters, than it is a good guess that they are not really listening.


When people come to see an attorney, they are seeking not just someone who will listen to them but someone who will provide them with counsel. A good communicator will first hear what a person has to say and then respond with useful information. For example, after gaining an understanding of the extent of a victim's injury and their concerns over their financial future, a good attorney would take the time to explain to the person their right to compensation as well as the types of compensation they may be eligible for.

In addition to the first impression, clients also want an attorney who is going to stay in contact with them. All too often, clients complain that they can never get ahold of their attorney or find out where their case standing is at. A good attorney will set up a weekly phone call or meeting with the client to provide them with an update.


Personal injury law is complex and confusing for the average person to understand. When they select an attorney, people need to know that this is a person they can trust. According to Forbes, communication is one aspect of building trust but attorneys should also be up front and honest with clients. If clients find out that the attorney has exaggerated the amount of compensation that they will receive, or failed to outline the billing process, the trust is essentially broken.

It is also important for attorneys to remember that their clients are people with real worries, concerns and needs. Attorneys who try to use the same strategy for every client are not really focused on the client. When people are looking for an attorney, they should look for someone with a known reputation of being knowledgeable and dedicated to serving the needs of those they represent.