Pedestrian dangers in Illinois

DuPage County residents should learn how to be safe when pedestrians and when to get help if hit by a vehicle.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration records show that in 2013, 30 people died in motor vehicle accidents in Dupage County. Of those vehicular deaths, four were pedestrians. Neighboring Will and Kane Counties also lost four pedestrians in automobile collisions that year. In Cook County, 53 pedestrians lost their lives.

Not just statistics

The dangers faced by pedestrians in Illinois can be seen in more than just statistics from the NHTSA. In searching news sources, a wide variety of reports about pedestrian accidents is all too easy to find.

Some media stories about recent pedestrian-vehicle accidents include the following:

  • A 57-year old Arlington woman was killed while walking her dog. The Chicago Tribune indicates that she was hit by a 16-year old driver. The teen driver has since been charged in the case.
  • The Chicago Sun-Times reported on the death of a pedestrian in McHenry after a collision involving a motorcycle. In addition to the pedestrian death, both the passenger and driver on the bike were injured. An investigation began to identify the potential cause of the accident.
  • The Belmont Cragin neighborhood was the site of another fatal pedestrian crash. According to the Chicago Sun-Times, a 62-year old female was struck and killed by a semi-tractor truck operated by a 23-year old driver on a Friday morning.
  • A Chicago Transit Authority bus hit and killed a pedestrian in Canaryville according to the Chicago Tribune. The report indicated that the accident happened on a weekend evening but few other details were known.
  • In another motorcycle-pedestrian collision, both the motorcyclist and the pedestrian died. The Chicago Tribune story explained that both persons were Plainfield residents and that speed was a possible factor in causing the accident. The crash led to Illinois Route 59 being closed for multiple hours.

Cars, trucks, motorcycles, buses and more can all cause serious injuries or even death when they hit pedestrians.

Safety tips for pedestrians

Certainly pedestrians should take care to utilize crosswalks and sidewalks when they are available. When these are not present, walking on opposing sides of a street so that vehicles can be seen as they approach is what pedestrians should do.

Bright colored clothing improves visibility not just at night but in the daytime as well. Additionally, obeying all traffic laws can also help to reduce the chance of being hit by a vehicle.

In situations where a pedestrian is injured or even killed by a motorist, additional help is needed. Accident victims or their family members should seek advice from a lawyer at these times.

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