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Work-Related Deaths Archives

Can you sue an employer for a wrongful death?

Workers' compensation benefits are designed to be a no-fault system. It generally doesn't matter who was negligent -- the employer or the employee -- when someone gets injured or killed on the job, workers' compensation is designed to compensate either the employee or any close surviving relatives that were dependent on the worker.

Senate bill proposes capping pro athletes' benefits

Many people complain that pro athletes are grossly overpaid, but there is no denying that they are in an industry that churns them up and spits them out in a short span of years. Often they suffer career-limiting injuries and risk being killed from an especially hard hit or even a fast-pitched ball.

Construction workers face enhanced risks on the job

Every day, almost 6.5 million workers at roughly 252,000 construction sites all over the the United States are involved in the building industry. But these workers have a higher than average fatality rate from injuries that occur on the job; in fact, construction workers' fatality rates exceed the nation's average for this category for all industries.

Are slip-and-falls a design or behavior problem?

In a recent year, there were almost 8 million injuries attributed to falls in the United States, and over 21,700 people lost their lives in fall. For senior citizens older than 72, falls rank number one for injury-related fatalities and come in second as the cause of death for those age 60 to 72. There were 275,000 occupational injuries caused by tripping, slipping and falling on job sites across the nation in 2008.

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