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Illinois driver killed in tractor-trailer accident

Business across Illinois and elsewhere in the country rely on trucks. Truck drivers require special qualifications and experience to properly operate tractor-trailers and other heavy equipment, because accidents are possible but must remain rare to maintain safety on the roads.

Multi-vehicle crash in Illinois began with sleeping trucker

Illinois is crossed in every direction by interstate highways, bringing more cargo through the state by truck every year. The high number of semitrucks among passenger vehicles suggest vigilance on the highway, especially as driver errors can cause serious damages and injuries in accidents.

Why do truckers tailgate cars?

There are few things as unnerving as having a semitruck right behind your car, on your bumper, tailgating you as you drive down the highway. Even if you're in a full-sized pickup truck, the semi is far larger and that difference in size is never so apparent as when it's consuming the whole rear-view mirror.

Older truckers in the workforce may pose extra hazards

When you think of commercial truck drivers, what image comes to mind? Do you picture young, strong heroes of the highway or middle-aged, seasoned road cowboys with a few hundred thousand miles crisscrossing the United States under their big belt buckles?

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