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Even at the legal limit, the odds of a crash triple

Everyone knows that drunk driving can lead to accidents. However, you also know that the Blood Alcohol Concentration limit for most drivers is 0.08. Do you assume that that line marks a "safe" amount of alcohol? After all, if your BAC is under that level, you can legally drive.

2 big reasons that teens drive drunk

Teens often don't seem to realize the danger of driving drunk. They know that it's illegal, just as they know that their own drinking is also illegal. And yet they still get behind the wheel after having too much to drink. Many times, this ends in accidents, injuries and fatalities.

A wrongful death lawsuit is a path to justice

As we head into the holiday season, the likelihood of alcohol-involved fatal wrecks increases. Holiday parties where booze flows freely are often the culprit, but so are those who get depressed around Christmas and toss back a few too many at the bar and then try to drive home.

Catch a free ride home with Lyft on Budweiser's tab

As we officially enter the autumn season, there will be plenty of opportunities for celebrations that involve alcohol. Whether it's weekend football games and college homecomings, or parties and gatherings with family and friends during the holidays, it can be easy to drink one too many drinks.

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