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Woman injured after driver ran stop sign in Hinckley

Illinois' place at the head of the Midwest makes it a transportation hub. Every part of the state, especially the urban north, is crossed by streets, roads and limited-access highways such as the interstates that connect all parts of the country.

There are many rules and regulations that keep these roads safe. Some of the most important ones include the prevention of driving while under the influence of drugs and alcohol, as well as remaining at the scene of a motor vehicle collision. Stopping at red lights and stop signs is also vital for safety.

Construction worker killed on Chicago-area worksite

Construction is one of the lodestars of the American economy, and states with great amounts of construction are often looking ahead to a bright future as the home of many profitable businesses. It is perhaps most important in the construction industry to maintain a safe workplace, as even minor issues on a construction site can cause severe injury or death.

Illinois worksites have their share of hazards, from the possibilities of motor vehicle collisions near roadwork to the dangers of heavy machinery in the construction of skyscrapers. Federal and state occupational safety guidelines help minimize the risk, but accidents can still happen.

Two drivers arrested for DUI in Hinsdale

High speeds, reckless driving and inattention to detail are major hazards to drivers, passengers and pedestrians alike on the roads. This is perhaps most true in the Midwest, where large expanses between communities and businesses create pressure to drive faster.

Illinois, containing some of the region's most open farmlands and forest land as well as the nation's third-largest metropolitan area, poses its share of dangers to drivers. When it comes to public safety on the roads, there are few things more dangerous than a person driving a car, truck or motorcycle under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Van driver killed in Illinois truck collision

Illinois sits at the crossroads of the northern United States and Canada, bringing many highways and railroads through the state. Drivers of all types keep an eye out for each other, as well as the many hazards that can appear on the roads.

Extra attention must be paid to special types of vehicles, such as motorcycles with a low profile and lower visibility to other drivers. Trucks and construction vehicles also lack maneuverability and speed control compared to smaller passenger cars and pickup trucks.

What happens if I get in a crash in Illinois?

It may seem like accidents happen only to inattentive or reckless drivers, but they can happen to anyone. Drivers in Illinois need to know some basic information about motor vehicle accidents to make sure they are following the law and not abandoning any potential claims.

Here are some answers to common questions about motor vehicle accidents:

lllinois judge awards $5.9M to workplace death widow

Workplaces need to be safe for workers to function and for useful work to get done. Several professions that include innate hazards, such as road work and building construction, have to accommodate tough safety standards to reduce the chances of an injury or fatality.

Some dangers cannot be fully eliminated from the workplace, and federal and state agencies that manage occupation safety and health offer both guidelines and laws that get as close as possible. As a result, companies and organizations that do not adhere strictly to these regulations may be liable for injury or death.

Crystal Lake man killed in motorcycle collision

Motorcycles are one of the great classic ways to ply the roads of America, with the convenience of a smaller and more efficient vehicle as well as the thrill of speed. Illinois, with its population centers and massive road system, plays host to thousands of resident bikers and many more visitors who prefer to see the gateway to the Midwest from behind handlebars.

There are many risks to motorcycle drivers and passengers on the road, and all of them can be mitigated although none can be fully eliminated. Multi-lane roads, such as high-traffic state highways and limited-access roads such as interstates, pose the danger of a bike getting swiped or hit from the side during a lane change. Darkness, dawn and dusk almost make bikes harder to see.

Drunk driver gets ten-year sentence after accident

Roads can be dangerous in any situation, based solely on the number of vehicles moving around each other at high speeds. Car and truck drivers have to maintain constant vigilance while on the roads, avoiding distractions such as cellphones or negligence such as driving while sleepy.

Few hazards are more damaging and potentially lethal than driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. This is why the crime is carefully policed and harshly punished, especially if a drunk driver has hit another person or property.

Illinois road worker killed by passing truck

Safety is a primary concern in all workplaces, from office cubes to construction sites. Some workplaces contain more hazards to worker safety than others, requiring attention to detail and constant vigilance to avoid injuries, damage or deaths.

The road is not only dangerous to drivers, passengers and pedestrians but also maintenance workers who keep the roads open and in good condition. A high number of motor vehicle accidents occur in construction zones, although routine maintenance can also put people at risk.

Illinois bicyclist killed by driver using cellphone

Illinois, home to a variety of cities and other communities, is increasingly home to more types of vehicles on the road. This requires increased attention by all drivers, riders and pedestrians to keep those communities safe.

Bicycles and motorcycles are particularly hazardous on the open road, as drivers moving quickly may fail to initially spot the thinner vehicles which maintain a lower profile. Even a minor collision with a bike can cause serious or fatal injuries, because these vehicles provide no protection except what the driver or rider is wearing.

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