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Even at the legal limit, the odds of a crash triple

Everyone knows that drunk driving can lead to accidents. However, you also know that the Blood Alcohol Concentration limit for most drivers is 0.08. Do you assume that that line marks a "safe" amount of alcohol? After all, if your BAC is under that level, you can legally drive.

Studies show that no amount of alcohol is safe. Compared to being stone sober, if you are at 0.08, the odds that you'll be in a car accident are three times higher. They've tripled, and you're still right by that line.

Many teens don't believe texting and driving is dangerous

You're hit by a teen driver who is texting behind the wheel. A loved one is killed in the accident. All you can do for months after the crash is wonder why that teen driver would be so careless, taking a risk that injured you and killed someone so close to you. Texting and driving is very obviously dangerous. What was so important that it couldn't wait?

The problem may not be that the teen driver didn't think he or she could wait. The teen may not have thought the text message was worth the risk. In reality, the teen may simply not have believed there was a risk.

Should you avoid the roads at night?

You've heard the drunk driving statistics. You know how many innocent people are killed by drunk drivers year in and year out. You know that efforts to prevent it can change the statistics, but they never fully eliminate the danger.

What you're wondering is if there is simply an easy way to avoid all of those drunk drivers. Should you just stay off the roads at night?

Technology may need to change to eliminate its own distractions

Technology is often blamed for distractions behind the wheel. When all you could own was a landline, you had to drive home to make a phone call. Now, you can talk on the phone, send text messages, and browse the Internet, all while driving. These activities cause many deadly accidents year in and year out.

So, if technology is the problem, the answer may be simple: new technology.

Do not swerve for wildlife in the road

You're driving along through Illinois, the cruise control on, going 55 MPH. Suddenly, a deer runs out of the trees and into your lane. You have to decide, in almost no time at all, if you're going to hit it or try to swerve around it.

A lot of people swerve on instinct alone. However, experts typically say that is never a good idea. You should hit the brakes hard, slam on the horn to scare the deer off, and brace for impact. But they say you should stay in your lane, traveling in a straight line.

Why do truckers tailgate cars?

There are few things as unnerving as having a semitruck right behind your car, on your bumper, tailgating you as you drive down the highway. Even if you're in a full-sized pickup truck, the semi is far larger and that difference in size is never so apparent as when it's consuming the whole rear-view mirror.

One truck driver wrote about why this happens, despite laws against tailgating, and he said the first reason was simply that other drivers go below the speed limit. Truck drivers get paid for production, so slowing down can cost them money. They want to go the speed limit at all times.

How you feel as your blood alcohol level rises

Drunk drivers often say, after the fact, that they did not realize they were too drunk to get behind the wheel. As such, it's important to consider what you'll feel like at different stages, as your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) goes up.

At .02, you'll just feel a bit more relaxed. By the time you get to .04, you may start feeling a little buzzed, but the focus is still on feeling relaxed.

Key statistics about pedestrians, headphones and accidents

When you walk to the gym in the morning, do you put your headphones on and listen to some music to wake yourself up? What about when you're biking to work, walking to the deli on your lunch break or just heading to a friend's house?

You've probably done at least one of these things in the last year, if not more. With music on phones or MP3 players, it's very common for people to listen when they're walking to break up the boredom. However, it's not without risk, as pedestrians with headphones on may increase their chances of being hit by motor vehicles. Below are four key stats you should know:

2 big reasons that teens drive drunk

Teens often don't seem to realize the danger of driving drunk. They know that it's illegal, just as they know that their own drinking is also illegal. And yet they still get behind the wheel after having too much to drink. Many times, this ends in accidents, injuries and fatalities.

So why do they do it? There are many reasons, such as inexperience and a general lack of awareness about the real danger, but two big ones that experts note are a feeling of invincibility and peer pressure.

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