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Illinois bicyclist killed by driver using cellphone

Illinois, home to a variety of cities and other communities, is increasingly home to more types of vehicles on the road. This requires increased attention by all drivers, riders and pedestrians to keep those communities safe.

Bicycles and motorcycles are particularly hazardous on the open road, as drivers moving quickly may fail to initially spot the thinner vehicles which maintain a lower profile. Even a minor collision with a bike can cause serious or fatal injuries, because these vehicles provide no protection except what the driver or rider is wearing.

Temporary workers face more workplace dangers

Workplaces need to be flexible to adapt to changes in industries and economies. Many workers from the last century will readily recall when nearly all labor was part of a career path. Now, temporary work reigns supreme.

Temporary workers, or "temps," have been on the rise in many sectors - including Illinois' bustling, diversified economy. In 2016, at least 3.2 million temps did their part for the economy. Their numbers are increasing, as well as the amount of time each spends on the job.

Recent collision claims Illinois motorcyclist's life

Motorcycles are common and popular across Illinois and many other states, due to their fuel efficiency, convenience and passion for the road they represent. The bikes have a flip side, as they make up a disproportionate number of traffic accidents.

Collisions are of special concern to bikers, who are far less protected than drivers and passengers in cars and trucks. Accidents can results is significant injury, permanent disability or death.

Drunk driving law reduces Illinois traffic fatalities

We accept many dangers when we take to the road by car or on foot. Inattentive drivers can miss vital details like a traffic light or turn signal, and negligence with a motor vehicle can cause severe property damage, injuries and sometimes fatalities.

Drunk driving is one of the greatest dangers to public safety, since every driver is incompetent if he or she is drunk. Alcohol and drugs are responsible for a concerning number of vehicular injuries and deaths every year.

Multi-vehicle crash in Illinois began with sleeping trucker

Illinois is crossed in every direction by interstate highways, bringing more cargo through the state by truck every year. The high number of semitrucks among passenger vehicles suggest vigilance on the highway, especially as driver errors can cause serious damages and injuries in accidents.

A multi-vehicle accident paralyzed traffic on an Illinois interstate highway after a big rig plowed into a car at the end of a slow-moving line of vehicles. There were 14 injuries among the drivers and passengers, although there were fortunately no fatalities.

Illinois business owner killed in motorcycle crash

Motorcycles are one of the most loved and efficient ways to travel American roads. Great risk comes with the extra flexibility and thrill of the drive, however, and it takes everyone on the road to keep motorcyclists safe. The long open roads of Illinois pose significant dangers for motorcycle accidents, and the consequences can be tragic and irreversible.

A car collided with a motorcycle near a busy intersection on Illinois Route 157 early on a Friday morning, Aug. 4, killing the rider and closing the road to traffic as investigators labored to piece together the scene and discover the cause. The staff and customers of the late rider's auto body shop took to social media to express their grief and condolence at the shocking news.

Construction workers lead nation in workplace fatalities

There are boring jobs, dirty jobs and disrespected jobs. But there's a career for everyone, and workers in all professions take pride in the care they take in their products and services. Some jobs, however, are notably more dangerous than others -- creating hazardous conditions and workplace injuries.

In the more recent study by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the construction industry topped the list of dangerous professions for the fourth straight year. There were 937 workers killed on the job at construction sites around the country, a 4 percent increases from the previous year and the most construction-related deaths since 2008.

Multi-vehicle crash claims motorcyclist in DuPage County

Motorcycles are one of the most enjoyable and efficient ways to enjoy the open road, with hundreds of thousands of Americans using one as a primary transport or second vehicle. They require special attention by their drivers as well as those in cars and trucks nearby, as many collisions can be gravely dangerous - even deadly.

A motorcyclist was killed in a multi-vehicle crash in DuPage County after he was thrown from his bike. He was airlifted to a hospital in an attempt to save his life. Although three law enforcement agencies responded to the accident, no citations have been issued.

1 percent of traffic deaths are linked to wrong-way accidents

Being involved in a wrong-way accident is terrifying. You never expect it, it happens incredibly quickly, and there may be nothing you can do to avoid the crash. Every time a wrong-way crash is reported in the news, people worry that it could happen to them.

While it could, the odds are small. The Federal Highway Administration reports that a mere 1 percent of all deadly accidents are wrong-way crashes. Between 300 and 400 people pass away in these crashes each year.

What is negligence in a car accident?

You've probably heard that a driver who is negligent and causes a car accident may be liable for injuries resulting from that accident -- not to mention property damage. But what is negligence, exactly?

Though it's slightly more complicated from a legal perspective, negligence is essentially just carelessness. It means someone had a responsibility to act in a safe and careful manner, he or she failed to do so, and another person was hurt.

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